Tier-3 Data Center Jakarta Indonesia

Indonesia colocation server and rack services with Premium 10Gbps Network, provide best and affordable colocation hosting solutions

Free 1Gbps dedicated (1:1) Local Bandwidth

We Provide 10Gbps Colocation Upon Request!

High-bandwidth of Colocation Server Hosting in Indonesia

Colocation server is the ultimate solution if you want the flexibility and control of owning a server. Your server will be hosted in best secured facilities with preferred choice of data center location at IDC 3D Duren Tiga, Cyber 1 Building, NEX Data Center Tier 3, Telkom NeuCentrIX DC Tier 3, Jakarta Indonesia with 10 Gbps of local bandwidth and 1 Gbps of international bandwidth.

To have colocation server services you can easily choose your colocation plan. We provide scalable server colocation from 1U rack mount to full rack colocation in order to help you to grow your business. Within 1×24 hours of the payment confirmation and approval the new house for your server will be ready to use.

Colocation Server Jakarta Pricing

1U Single Server

  • 550 Watt
  • Single PSU
  • /30 – 1 IP Public
  • VPN for remote IPMI/ILO/IDRAC
  • Unmetered
  • Local : 1Gbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Int’l : 10Mbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Setup : FREE

2U Single Server

  • 750 Watt
  • Single PSU
  • /30 – 1 IP Public
  • VPN for remote IPMI/ILO/IDRAC
  • Unmetered
  • Local : 1Gbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Int’l : 10Mbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Setup : FREE

4U Single Server

  • 750 Watt
  • Single PSU
  • /30 – 1 IP Public
  • VPN for remote IPMI/ILO/IDRAC
  • Unmetered
  • Local : 1Gbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Int’l : 10Mbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Setup : FREE

Rack Colocation Jakarta Pricing

10U Quarter Rack

  • 2.5 Ampere
  • /29 – 5 IP Public
  • Unmetered
  • Local : 1Gbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Int’l : 10Mbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Setup : IDR 1,500,000

20U Half Rack

  • 5 Ampere
  • /29 – 5 IP Public
  • Unmetered
  • Local : 1Gbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Int’l : 10Mbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Setup : IDR 2,500,000

42U/45U Full Rack

  • 10 Ampere
  • /29 – 5 IP Public
  • Unmetered
  • Local : 1Gbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Int’l : 10Mbps dedicated (1:1)
  • Setup : IDR 3,500,000

*Price exclude 11% of tax
*For any tax invoice (Faktur Pajak) request, please send your company NPWP and PKP to our billing department.
*Above price is subjected to 3A floor Cyber 1 building data center and NEX data center Menara Tendean Jakarta Indonesia

Additional Package Price/mo
/30 – 1 IP Public IDR 200,000
/29 – 5 IP Public IDR 400,000
/28 – 13 IP Public IDR 800,000
Managed Service + cPanel + Daily Backup IDR 1,500,000
cPanel Premier Metal License (up 100 Accounts) IDR 650,000
Direct Admin dedicated license IDR 300,000
Webuzo dedicated License IDR 150,000
Plesk Web Admin Edition License (10 domains) IDR 200,000
Plesk Web Pro Edition License ( 30 domains) IDR 300,000
Plesk Web Host Edition License (Unlimited domains) IDR 700,000
Virtualizor License IDR 200,000
Softaculous Dedicated License IDR 50,000
Comodo PositiveSSL (per  year*) IDR 150,000
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard (per year*) IDR 1,500,000
Imunify360 IDR 350,000
Spam Experts IDR 150,000
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 License (4/6/8 cores) IDR 350,000
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019 License (16 cores) IDR 700,000
Dual PSU outlet IDR 300,000
Power charge rack service per 1 Ampere IDR 800,000
1 x 1Gbps MMR Interconnection port IDR 1,000,000
1 x 1Gbps Public port IDR 150,000
1 x 10Gbps Public port (FO) IDR 3,000,000
  • Self-managed service (unmanaged)
  • Guarantee 99.5% SLA
  • Free remote hand support for (Reboot/Shutdwon/Power On/OFF) server
  • 24/7 data center visit accompanied by support team.
  • All price excludes 10% of tax (Please contact our billing if you need tax invoice/faktur pajak)
  • Local Bandwidth : 1Gbps Dedicated (1:1)
  • International Bandwidth : 10Mbps Dedicated (1:1)
  • Payment shall be made upon submission ( pre paid )
  • Activation is conducted after the payment has been confirmed
  • We only accept eligible International company to have full rack cabinet contract
  • Minimum contract period 12 months for rack service
  • Data center location : IDC 3D Duren Tiga, Cyber 1 Building, NEX data Center MTEN – Tier 3, Telkom NeuCentrIX DC – Tier 3, Jakarta Indonesia
  • 10 Gbps local connection
  • 1 Gbps international connection
  • Direct Peer to OpenIXP, IIX APJII, CDIX, JKT-IX
  • Multiple Upstream International Connection (Main and Backup Link)
  • Redundant N+1 Network
  • Fiber Optic Core Cable Connected : IDC 3D Duren Tiga – Cyber 1 Building – NEX Data Center Menara Tendean – Telkom NeuCentrIX DC
  • Multiple Data Center Ready
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • SLA 99.5% Network Uptime
  • 24×7 Onsite support engineer standby at Data Center
  • Free Reverse DNS
  • Free Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Free VPN and Private IP for remote IPMI/idrac/ilo
  • Access to rack for backup and maintenance accompanied by support
  • Premium access for rack service only
  • Free remote hand to Reboot/Power On/Shut Down Server
  • Client area portal system for ticket support, billing, announcements, etc
  • Security Access, UPS Clustering System, Generator Set, CCTV Security System, UPS Controlling System, Gas Based Fire System supported by IDC 3D Duren Tiga

Unmanaged vs Managed Colocation Server

Find out what would suit your business

The colocation server plans that we offer are unmanaged, you are fully responsible for server management with standard support from klikserver. We also provide managed colocation server services to assist you with server administration.

The benefit of Colocation Server Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries with the fastest growing users in Asia. Klikserver as server colocation service provider enables companies to grow their business in Indonesia by offering best and affordable colocation services with high capacity bandwidth. Klikserver is highly customer oriented that truly understand their customers’ needs for 24 hours online server by providing reliable network.

  • High Speed Broadband 1Gbps International Links

  • High Speed Broadband 10Gbps Local Links

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Utility Power Backup Generator
  • Unlimited  ‘Remote Hand’ Reboots

  • Bandwidth monitoring (cacti) & rDNS support

  • Redundant N+1 Network

  • Monitored 24×7 protections against your facility interruption
  • Administrator on duty 24×7 for emergency maintenance
  • 99.5% Uptime SLA
  • Complete control of access to your colocation server

  • Connected to multiple data center location

Looking for Cheap Colocation Server Solution

We offer flexible terms and a large portfolio of options for your business. In addition to our standard colocation and rack services offerings, we can tailor affordable colocation solution to meet your requirements, please contact our sales team if you are interested in additional space or bandwidth, multiple facilities, equipment leasing, etc.

Colocation Server Jakarta Data Center

Our data center colocation is located in central area of Jakarta, Indonesia that can be easily accessed for server maintenance activities 24/7 and supported by experienced support team from Klikserver that continuously monitor the network. Data center is equipped by smart card access and CCTV camera to ensure the security of customer’s servers

Best Cheap Indonesia Colocation Server Services at Jakarta Data Center

Comparing Best Colocation Server with Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

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Dedicated Server

Easily control remote access to you server using our best, low price and high-performance of dedicated hosting services for customers around the world.

VPS hosting

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