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Managed Services

Provides managed server for your dedicated server, colocation server and VPS server hosted in This service is very useful and saving your time for assisting your server management. You just have to request through an open ticket or make a call, our support engineer will be ready to help you. Our managed services is included cPanel premier metal license.

Unmanaged Services

Client self managed with standard support from

Standard Support :

1. Network Related Questions

2. Hardware Related Problems/Replacement

3. Remote-hand Requests (reboot, reset, power off/on)

Managed Server Services Included :

1. Host Monitoring

  • Host alive monitoring with IPMI/KVM
  • Email events alerts server (high load cpu server, low disk space, host down)
  • 24 hours / 7 days monitoring in one week
  • Monitoring resource server usage with Munin software
  • Advice troubleshoot

2. Backup & Recovery

  • Daily Backup to our external server
  • Restore support when needed

3. System Configuration

  • Setup Networking
    • Setup IP, hostname, gateway, netmask, resolver
    • Setup timezone and default local
  • Web server administration (Apache2)
    • Install / Uninstall via paket distro
    • Setting IP, Port
    • Add / Edit / Delete, Disable / Enable virtual host
    • Enable / Disable module-module standart
    • Add / Edit / Delete mod_rewrite rule
  • Mail server administration (Postfix / Exim)
    • Install / Uninstall via paket distro
  • FTP server administration (vsFTPd / ProFTPd)
    • Install / Uninstall via paket distro
    • Setting IP, Port
    • Enable / Disable anonymous FTP
  • DNS server administration (Bind9)
    • Install / Uninstall via paket distro
    • Setting IP, Port
    • Add / Edit / Delete zone master
    • Edit DNS zone file records (Add / Edit / Delete A, CNAME, NS, MX, PTR)
  • SSH administration
    • Install / Uninstall via paket distro
    • Setting IP, Port
    • Setting authentication mode (password / key)
  • MySQL Database server administration
    • Install / Uninstall via paket distro
    • Install / Uninstall PHPMyAdmin
    • Create / Drop database
    • Add / Delete user
    • Grant privileges
    • Dump / Restore MySQL database
    • Setting max_connection
    • Setting bind networking
dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Server

Easily control remote access to you server using our best, low price and high-performance of dedicated server services for customers around the world.


Server options with Intel Processor 2 cores, 4 cores, 8 cores dan 16 cores , DDR3/DDR4 RAM, HDD/SSD storage, 5 IP Address, IPMI KVM, Free 1Gbps dedicated (1:1) bandwidth.

colocation server hosting

Colocation Server

Have your own server? Use our server colocation service and rack service with 1Gbps dedicated bandwidth, located at Jakarta data center Indonesia


Server colocation 1U, 2U, 4U server mount to Full rack service 45U, gratis rDNS dan MRTG, Free 1Gbps dedicated (1:1) bandwidth

VPS server indonesia

VPS Server

VPS server services powerful compute performance and broad scalability equipped with cloud VPS panels suitable for your applications and website


Using the latest technology of KVM Virtualization with cloud VPS panel, node Xeon E5-2620v4, high speed SSD Raid10, 1Gbps unmetered bandwidth