Term Of Service

Terms of Service (TOS) is an agreement where customers agree to before using its services. This Agreement is made and automatically binds Klikserver Indonesia service users. This Agreement is made in such a manner for the common interest, and privacy and security of customers in utilizing the service at Klikserver Indonesia.

Description of Service

Services provided by Klikserver Indonesia include an outline of leasing and management of Dedicated Server, Colocation Server, and Private Virtual Server (VPS).

Conditions Applicable

This Agreement applies binding between Klikserver Indonesia and direct user, or reseller whose identity is stated in Klikserver Indonesia Management Services and cannot be transferred or represented by another party.

Customers Prohibited To

  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’ servers for Open / Public / Share Proxy Server / Proxy hosting and SSH tunneling.
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s server for service game with load disk and CPU is too high, the Open / Public / Share VPN (Virtual Private Network), voice service proxy (SIP Proxy) that interfere with the process disk VPS / Other hosting
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s servers for data or video streaming service that spend Bandwidth International and interfere with other users in terms of resource Bandwidth
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s servers for activities that violate the law applicable in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia or the laws in force in the region to international law.
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s servers for File Sharing service, Seedbox and the like.
  • Saving Program Hacker, Phreaking or archives and Pirated software.
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s server for porn / adult site or sites that are banned in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Indonesia ITE.
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s servers for gambling, Warez, Hacking, Phreacking, Pirated Software, Carding, HYIP or the like.
  • Using scripts, plugins or the like aggravating server as WPRobot and so on.
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s servers for special site video / audio streaming, image hosting sites, or specialized sites upload and download files (rapid leech and the like).
  • Using Klikserver Indonesia’s servers to run a background process (process works continuously on the server). Such as: IRC bot, mig33 Flooder Bot, Triond, Camfrog, wget, Java Chat Server and more.
  • Making process / automatic account creation on a shared / reseller hosting by using a script in a short time with multiple accounts / multiple, thus aggravating the database.
  • Send spam mail (e-mail offers of goods or services, promotions, affiliates, MLM or any kind of activity that interfere with third parties so burdensome access server) that is not required or desired by the other party either through Klikserver Indonesia server or servers outside.
  • Send Email, News Letter and the like in large quantities from each Klikserver Indonesia’s servers.
  • Attempting to sabotage, replace data and system servers owned by third parties through Klikserver Indonesia’s servers.
  • Using the host, network or his account for cracking, damage the security of third-party network, or directly undermine the security of the website of an organization / institution and the individual sites.
  • Using services for forex exchange and crypto currency exchange that do not have any official permission from the authority (BAPPEPTI and OJK).
  • Using more than 15% of server resources in a period of more than 90 seconds. The cause such us, CGI scripts, FTP, HTTP, and others.
  • Using server / VPS or domain for websites that use search engine optimization as WPRobot, STT2, Social Bookmark, traffic / jigling robot, classified ads, etc., which uses CPU resources continuously
  • Using a server or domain for the website provider classifieds, forums, or illegal portal.

Klikserver Indonesia Entitled To

  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to intervene with any of the sites hosted on a server in the interests of customers. Every customer material that violates or infringes the proprietary rights of a third party Copyright infringement defective products sold to customers from Klikserver Indonesia server. Klikserver Indonesia will be the sole judge of what violates this Policy.
  • Klikserver Indonesia will cooperate with the authorities. If there is a site contains illegal things and suspicious has been reported.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to decide either not renewed or suspend the services if client do any harm or violate the Terms of Service.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to delete files after 7 days of expiration date, if the services is not renewed by the client unless there is a short notice be informed.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to stop the service if overdue payment more than 7 days.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to terminate / deletion unilaterally if the customer store or hosting gambling, pornography, HYIP, the sale of prohibited items or similar websites that violate the law or the ITE law in Indonesia.

Statement And Conditions

  • You agree to use the services and facilities Klikserver Indonesia with all the possible risks that arise, be borne by you. Klikserver Indonesia shall not be liable for any damages, loss of data, including damage arising from the use of facilities Klikserver Indonesia.
  • Klikserver Indonesia is not responsible for the contents of a customer’s site, the Customer is solely responsible for the content of its own web site (including the username and password that are held Customers are the responsibility of the Customer itself).
  • Klikserver Indonesia is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the Customer’s website.
  • Klikserver Indonesia is not responsible for things that are caused directly or indirectly by the Customer’s website content.
  • Klikserver Indonesia is not responsible for things that are caused directly or indirectly by the Customer’s website content.
  • The customer is solely responsible for doing backups on each customer website data.
  • Although Klikserver Indonesia perform backup procedures, but customers are still advised to backup the content of each website. Backup is done only for the purposes of Klikserver Indonesia Disk Failure.
  • Klikserver Indonesia does not provide backup services from Klikserver Indonesia’ Server Hosting to another hosting provider
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to remove the entire VPS which have arrears exceeding 7 days and Klikserver Indonesia freed from the demands of the loss or deletion of the contents of the client’s site.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to demand compensation if the customer or ex-customers intentionally defamed Klikserver Indonesia in the mass media, mailing lis , or similar.
  • Klikserver Indonesia does not provide data backup on unmanaged service, data store on server is subjected to customer responsibility.
  • Klikserver Indonesia cannot refund the rent in case of calamities, riots, natural disasters or any other unwanted things that beyond us.
  • Klikserver Indonesia cannot refund the rent, if the customer breaches the Terms of Service. (SSH Tunneling / VPN / Proxy or other services are not allowed in the Term of Service)
  • In case of hardware malfunction or pitch-detection of hardware will be damaged or failure, the client is obliged to follow the rules of Klikserver Indonesia to move to a new server or doing backups during the hardware repair process.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to display the website address customers in the Customer List page we (unless the client Reseller). This can benefit the customers in question since customers will get visitors / additional traffic from our website.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to terminate the contract / termination unilaterally hosting account if the customer had violated provisions Klikserver Indonesia ‘s services.
  • Klikserver Indonesia is not responsible for the financial loss, loss of data, or any form of losses on the termination of the hosting mentioned above and will not refund any payments which have been granted and will not replace the financial loss for any reason.

IP Address

  • Customers can request additional IP Address according to the needs, but according to availability of Klikserver Indonesia IP Address.
  • Klikserver Indonesia entitled Reject Request IP Address IP Address according to the availability and service.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to suspend the service temporarily (suspended) or fully (termination) to the client or Reseller when indicated the existence of a violation of both the IP Address and phishing abuse have been reported by the authorities or other forums.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to unilaterally change of IP address if the customer does not extend for more than 7 days.
  • Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to block IP Address unilaterally if the customers do spam, DDOS and other abuses on the Internet.

Suspended Services

  • Open / Shared / Public Proxy or VPN or SSH Tunnel, IRC Client / Server / Bouncer, and illegal content. (We will Terminate without money back)
  • Spam / Abuse Report of datacenter
  • Ddos / flooding 3 days suspensions
  • 3 times Ddos / flooding 7 days suspensions or termination
  • Illegal content
  • Overdue Payment of 5 days

Billing and Payment

The validity period of the account depending on the period selected at time of booking.

By the Account Activation Date of each month, either shall make Payment:

  • Bank Transfer to our company bank account; or
  • Paypal from our billing system.
  • Activation is conducted after the payment has been confirmed.

Klikserver Indonesia will issue a bill/Invoice to the email contact that listed on the billing system Klikserver Indonesia 14 days before the bill is due.

Any payments made must be confirmed through the website page http://manage.klikserver.com/supporttickets.php, phone, email, and customer service.

If, within 24 hours after confirming the payment turns out and customer has not received an email receipt for payment or other emails from Klikserver Indonesia, then it means that a customer payment can not be verified and confirmation of payment status is declared canceled. We recommend that you immediately contact Klikserver Indonesia if this happens to clarify about the payments.

If the services is suspended due to overdue payment and the customer wants to continue the services, the overdue invoice must be paid first.

Klikserver Indonesia is not responsible for payment is not confirmed. The consequences – consequences that arise from it as the account suspended, re-activation fees, and other consequences are entirely the responsibility of the customer.

Account cancellation

Customers are only allowed to cancel its service contract with Klikserver Indonesia, if the customer tells cancellation service 30 days prior to due date.

If the customer does not perform its service cancellation notice within the period mentioned above, then the customer has the obligation to pay the invoice for the next period.

For colocation service, if the client wished to terminate the service, outstanding bills must be paid before the server can be removed. If the server is not removed within 3 months, the server will be automatically be auctioned


Some of our services requires 1, 6 and 12 months contract, the agreement will be signed between client and klikserver Indonesia under legal entity as PT. Bandhawa Tri Tirta refer to Indonesia law system. Klikserver Indonesia only accepts eligible International Company to have dedicated server colocation service contract.

Service Fees

Certain services carry a setup fee charged by Klikserver Indonesia to client, which must be paid by client in order to have use of said services. If client terminates this agreement, client shall be responsible for any and all outstanding fees owed to Klikserver Indonesia and agrees to pay any and all fees incurred by client. Because the services are provided on a monthly basis, the client will be responsible for service fees incurred each month, regardless of when client provides notice of termination. Thus, for example, if the client provides notice of termination on the 15th day of a particular month, the client will be responsible for service fees for the entire month, and such fees will not be pro-rated or refunded.

Money back guarantee & refund policy

We do not provide any money back and refund policy.

We do not generally refund cancelled contracts. For example, if your contract is quarterly and you request a refund after two months, no refunds will be admitted.

Termination of the contract before the end of the subscription period does not change taxation.

Taxes that have been paid to the state cannot be refunded.

No refunds are issued for setup charges, add-on charges, domain-registrations, add-on purchases, licenses, SSL certificates or overage charges.

In case of AUP violations, any and all refunds are forfeit.

Any deposit that has been paid is non-refundable.

Account Deactivations

Any account deactivated due to non-payment will require a reactivation fee of setup fee prior to reactivation.

Tax Collection

Klikserver Indonesia provides tax invoice to VAT enterprise(s) / taxable enterprise(s). Customer shall be able to request tax invoice to Klikserver Indonesia, tax invoice will be sent to customer within 2 weeks after payment is received. If you have any query regarding tax invoice, please contact us at [email protected] and include scan of your company tax registration number (NPWP).

Support Contact

We provide contacts for support through the Ticket System, Telephone, Mobile Phone, WhatsApp Messenger and Telegram listed on the website Klikserver Indonesia.

  • The entire request via Ticket System We need to maintain the security of your account
  • Contact via WhatsApp and Telegram only at designated for the sales of products and Manage Service and Emergency Services.
  • Telephone service through email and must include the identity of a valid account to avoid fraud.

 Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to refuse, cancel or suspend service, at our sole discretion.

Changes Terms of Service

Klikserver Indonesia reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time, it is recommended to consult this page at least once a month. Klikserver Indonesia strives to provide the best service for you, but we will not tolerate any unlawful activity or any form of irregularities committed against our server. These guidelines designed to protect your interests, and our other customers.

Law Applicable

All agreements on the provision of services and the use of full-service refer to the law in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.